An original in oil pastels was too good to miss for the contemporary art section here at Goddamn Media.

This print is also available as a designer tee and cushions etc but what great subject matter for wall art and posters.

Pop culture iconic boots made by Doc Marten make a great statement artwork with a bit of a punk or biker edge.

This print will be centered on best quality photographic papers and signed by me, Pasha du Valentine.


I am also happy to work with private clients on limited editions, one-offs, and bespoke designs. Let your imagination flow.

Doctor Martens Signed Print by Pasha du Valentine

  • Pasha du Valentine is the artist responsible for founding Goddamn Media in the 1990s.

    Goddamn Media has embodied the business ethics behind the mission to use the facilities of production to bring Pasha du Valentine's work to any home without pretention.


    Pasha was educated at Frensham Heights in Surrey and an all girl's school where she rebelled against becoming an Officer's wife to spend some rebellious and gutter filled years in the punk underbelly of London.


    The punk scene created a bed of ideas and styles that remain influential on the work you see here at Goddamn Media and Goddamn Gorgeous TV.


    Awarded art, music and film degrees at the University of Brighton, and later a Masters at the University of Edinburgh, Pasha was armed with a knowledge of the arts and their application as well as a feminist foundation which is also evident in the artworks here.


    'I owe it to the feminist cause to utilise the means of mass production in the work I produce. My predecessors did not have access to paper let alone printing presses or the internet.'


    The artworks here are limited editions and signed by Pasha with an authentification on the reverse.


    This makes each print highly collectable and an investment for the future.


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    Pasha du Valentine is available directly via the contact page at the site.




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