Welcome to Mother

I thought I should take five minutes to write about what Goddamn Media Magazine is all about.

I am trying to create a community of artists, avid fans and practitioners, who are looking for something more refreshing than other social media platforms.

I am exhausted with the constant censorship and also with the fan base which tends to be made up of men who are looking for a wank.

I do realise that I have some fans here on the site who are interested in the Dominartist because she is 'hot' and I am happy for your attention. I think we all know that sex, sexuality and fetish art are great motivational starting points for a lot of my work.

But I want more than a fleeting fancy. I am exploring the rise of the feminine and I am proud to utilise erotic attraction in my mission. I am pleased that all of you are here, whatever the motive.

Art though will penetrate your soul if you hand about too long. You have been warned.

The magazine has guest writers as well as writer members so you will be entertained with news, stories and videos each day. The archives are growing as I transfer a decade of material over to the site from the Brighton Arts Club and Goddamn Radio.

Membership of the magazine is free for readers. (Subscribers using the paid services can use the writers' channels.)

Free subscription also means access to the app which allows everyone to integrate and chat and perhaps even get independent projects together.

I am available on the app for enquiries too.

Finally, welcome to my mum who finally got her free subscription today!


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