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Published by Pasha De la Mare · 55 mins · London ·

I love Fridays because I take a few hours off to look glam and drag myself out of the studio. I had a busy week as Goddamn Media continues to develop the website and links with filmmakers and artists around the globe. More PR after the weekend. I am excited to be getting back into the studio soon with a fellow musician Amber Roper for some film scores and ambient music productions which will be available for purchase for film productions etc. I will also be working on a series of sound effects that you won't get elsewhere. I have one already called ping pong which is really popular. I can do vocal clips to order for gaming too.

The Countess Shop. The new shop launches for Goddamn Fashion also. #thecountessofbrightonandhackney will be selling a range of panelled skirts made from recycled fabrics and love. There is no excuse for throwing good material into landfill, or for exploiting labour and leaving a nasty footprint. There is so much material already and the new line is super gorgeous.

Have a great weekend Pasha du Valentine

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