The Lonely Artist

It was a lonely day in paradise as I nursed my tattoo and missed playing my cello.

I also deleted my Blogger accounts which have served me so well over the years. Half a million visitors on one of them had made me feel I had some kind of place in the world. specifically, America.

But the hits have never translated to sales and not surprising really as the entire catalogue has been downloadable.

My drive for a hidden life is going well and I see I am less detectable today than I was yesterday. Google works fast to irradicate bad links! They will never find the sex tapes after all!

Now I can concentrate on ball gowns and hope the pink cello arrives so I can start the next phase. My funding application is ready too so one can only hope.

Some new art prints are up for sale here in the only approved shop.

If you see me elsewhere let me know so I can delete myself further.

My cello is bigger than it looks honestly.

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