The Death of Art

I am halfway joking about being upset that mother sold bad art in the shop.

I do think art is dead however and certainly I believe that PCs have taken over drawing.

I am rethinking my creative process as an artist certainly and, if I am sensible about it, I can learn and develop my business accordingly.

I can easily work my around the artistic software and if the people want abstract art that took seconds, let them have their cheap cake.

Honestly, I don't is very sad.

I do see that hand made art is valued, as long as it costs the same as the Chinese imported equivalent.

The people get what the people want.

In revolt I made these. And guess what, I love them! I get it, the people want what resonates and what they can afford.

I take back my scathing words.

All available in the shop, more on their way in the coming days.

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