Passive Aggressive

Passive aggressive behaviour is a curse in a relationship particularly if it continues over a long period.These traits are often used in friendships and associations as bullying tactics.Here are some signs of behaviour that will almost certainly have a bearing on good sex no matter how deep your relationship is.

Here are seven common signs.

Making Wistful Statements: eg, expressing how you would love to have something or experience something without including someone.

Doling Out Backhanded Compliments: ie giving a compliment that is also an insult, eg, you are so much thinner now than before.

Ignoring or Saying Nothing

Procrastinating: saying you will do something and then not doing it

Leaving Someone Out.

Sabotaging Someone: ie. setting them up to fail.

Keeping Score.

Sometimes these behaviours become so endemic in a relationship or a person's tactics that they become armour or weaponry in the bedroom.

Your therapist will need to undo the habits that are formed.

The first step is knowing that you use them or that you are falling victim to them.

Pasha du Valentine

Psychosexual Therapies

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