I am thrilled that my nudes are flying out the door this week.

Look, eBay is not perfect for the sale of art but I never pretended to be high brow and my chance of ever making it in the art world are in the gutters where I spent my wasted youth.

And so I find that small sales, although somewhat scrappy, do pay the bills.

I am even more thrilled that an American bought a print of I did of Donald Trump, and not one that favoured him let me tell you.

This sale, and its resulting feedback, has made me warm and fluffy inside my head.

But what is even more exhilarating is the fact that I have more followers here at GM TV and that downloads of Wife TV episodes are beating all other shows hands down.

I knew there were husbands for me, waiting out there in internet land, and now I have found them.

I upload twice a day, work permitting and today was a shower video watching the intimacy and closeness of water on skin, one of my favourite subject matters. Degas was obsessed with his wife bathing and she was his muse for much of his work.

I am my own muse for now.


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