How to Increase Sales

Growing a business is harder than growing a child.

My sales were down and despite my best efforts, the work I was putting in was not drawing clients in.

I went to google and found several free site analysis companies offering a free 7 day trial and I went for it.

The news was hard to take but they said some things and I acted upon them.

Bad links are death......get rid of them. I have to get through all my previous updates and erase bad links as well sort out embedded links to pages I have deleted.

(I spent the last year uploading without much else, now I have to tidy up).

Tags and alt text are gold. This is a big job but I am working on chunks, eg, the shop categories one at a time. It is much easier to work in chunks than to sit down with 1000s of images and dive into them.)

If you are using iframes (kinda like windows of code that show externat sites like YouTube or video boxes from within Wix, you need blocks of text for the robots to read. Remember, robots are stupid and they cant see footage or pictures. You need to explain everything in words.

So you need to include explanation sections on each page.

Videos and hi res images take ages to load. Strip them to minimum on single easy to load pages and make your images low res where possible.

All my images were hi res....fatal.

I have a long way to go but I had my best sales week since the website started.

Have a great weekend and try not to overwork!

Picture from Pixabay

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