DOMINARTIST ... an exploration of reputation and self, gender and power


Pasha du Valentine (nom d’artiste of Sarnia de la Mare)


My last performance art piece was called ‘Dominartist’. It involved taking on the life of a Dominatrix. I wrote poems, I made art, I made film, I performed in an art gallery and a night club. I convinced everyone I was a Dominatrix. The only thing I didn't do was intrinsically be a Dominatrix, as in, sell my domination based labour for money in a sex worker and client scenario. I am writing a book about what happened, how men treated me sexually, how I offended religious people, how old friends refused to speak to me and how it affected relationships.

The art piece was about shame and power and was a feminist work looking at perceptions of women and how they are affected by reputation, how reputation is a separate entity to the self, and how power and gender are linked. 

It has been an absolutely fascinating couple of years as I took the art of domination to another level, a level not experienced by Dominatrices themselves.

I have made many friends in the sex industry, have been opened to the intricacies of human sexuality, and really embraced a wider understanding of what constitutes shame, forbidden fruits, power and gender struggle and the fetishisation of women of power.

I may have offended some people in the enactment of the artwork but art is meant to offend so I'm not sorry.

The book will reveal everything that happened in a diary, with photography, stills from the films, poetry, and a thesis of study from the artist's point of view.


The book will be completed by end March

The proposal to Future’s Venture is for support to publish all the work through an exhibition in the second half of year 2020.



The exhibition will embody the work of artist Pasha du Valentine over a three year period as she took on the identity of a Dominatrix to explore ‘reputation and self’, ‘gender and power, specifically through a feminist, sexually fluid orientation. 


The venue will incorporate six separate spaces, not necessarily self-contained, with each section partitioned or segregated to some degree whilst allowing the viewer a 360-degree view. 


The six works are: 


1. Film ‘The Dominartist’. The footage requires four or more large screens with audio. Headphones may be used appropriately. 

2. The Augmented Reality Model of the Dominartist. (This exhibit is dependent upon funding and would be viewed in several parts of the gallery as a three-dimensional virtual reality computer model similar to a hologram, viewable as an app through a mobile phone to all visitors.) The AR would be part of a static installation also and would be interactive. The sculpture can be realised in bronze as an alternative or acrylic modelling.

3. The Poems of the Dominartist. The recitals/recordings require audio space with surround sound and white cotton sheet floor. 

4. ‘Power’: an interactive installation 

5. ‘Shame’: an installation/sculpture 

6. The Artist’s Book. This exhibit is part text part image and shows each page of the book individually.

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